Our Past
There are stories that were written with the work of those who believe in the country, stories that are part of the emergence of a nation, stories that continue to be written day after day, one of these stories is that of Don Alfredo Brugnoli. Son of Italian immigrants (Parma), born in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, based in Las Breñas in 1918, where he and his brothers are involved in farming and carnage, in the well-known Pampa Brugnoli.

Together with his wife Araceli Fernández, daughter of Spanish foreigners, born in Pehuajó and his sons Néstor and Héctor decided in 1936 to extend his economic horizon to decide to settle in the small town Chaqueña, Pampa del Infierno 250 km from Resistencia, capital of Chaco. In 1936, the way to market, to sell the products was different, what is now known as a supermarket, at that time they were called "general store". Thus, Don Alfredo and Doña Cheli, together with their children, undertake a new activity through such a trade.

The business realizes its commercial activity selling to the town and to the colony that developed cattle activity. In 1940, logging begins through obrajes and these are incorporated into the business as clients. In 1943 the sale of YPF products was added to the warehouse: kerosene, agricol for tractors, naphtha and lubricants. In 1948 the Forestal was installed in the area of ​​Oro Blanco and then in Coronel Rico, Santiago del Estero, who joined Don Alfredo as clients. The business grew with the acquisition in 1970 of the PAL PE CHA field (name meaning Palermo, Pehuajó and Chaco) in Pampa Guanacos where they raised animals and planted with mule plow, oats, Aleppo sorghum and clover.

In 1972 he built the YPF service station in the place where it works today (route No. 16), in 1980 that of Concepción del Bermejo and the Frentones.
Our History
Know our history, where we came from, what we built and our vision of the future.
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